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aahhhh coffffffeeeeeeeeee , freshly brewed, just wot i does be needin,at least 4 cups o the stuff the gether wit at least 14 ciggies or fags ( oo-eerr missus ) helps get the day in perspective, yea like fuck, keeps me calm to a degree saves me from battering you on sight, useless bunch of bollox ye are, now there,s a good word bolloxed, bolloxed, yep even reads like a good word, no need to think much bout wot it means, everybody knows wot bolloxed is,..........so this wee thing wit big hopy earrings walks towards me this morn wit the greeting.. i does be bolloxed this mornin.. i dont know but can girlies be actually bolloxed( oo-eeer missus yet again ) i mean its just like the bloke who upon signin in this morn was asked, do you have every thin ya need...yup... ye sure now..yup...nuthin else at all..nope, half an hour later he,s back.....can i borrow a swipe card........now is he really a thick cnut???????? all very confusin at this time of the morn, anyhoo on the ways in ta work in the morns ye normally see loads and loads of transit vans in the car park of the plex in the blanch centre pickin up loads and loads of polish folks bouts to go do some chemical warfare on the Dubh industrial scene, so me driver this morn does be sayin to me, ooo the feck are all they, wots their bleedin story, that does be the Warsaw Pack mate... mibbe a wee bit too smart arsed for a cab driver...well at any time of the day, but really i couldn,t give a bollox, the waste paper bin asides me is beginning to fill up with used coffee cups already, thats cause i,m bolloxed this mornin, but could i give a fuck..all very confusin innit, loads and loads of other guff goin on as well, but here,s a wee poser for ye, wots it all got to do wit arsenal palyin or is it all just -

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Clare said...

You realize that you are that epitamy of healthy, right? I had no idea you smoked....hard habit to quit, especially since it's such a fun habit.

"Bollocks" is a great word, I can only wonder how it originated.

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