So yesterday was Thursday was it, the day invented by the phone companys and Molloys specifically for me, so did i have a wee nippy sweetie, well aye, did i phone anyone late at night....well it wasn,t that late really, but aye i did phone and was i obnoxious and nasty,insulting usin profane language, who me, i was jolly as jolly can be, and the person on the other end....well, there was a person on the other there was..........and, yea there was someone ther alright, have ye ever spoken to some one on the dog and bone while there messin with kitchen appliances???? excuse the background noises i,m tryin to programme my cycle at the mo......uugg, woman what are you sayin? anyhoo what are all these late thursday nights aboot anyhoo. disgraceful isn,t it.....and this person still talks to me???????? accepts me phone calls,makes all sorts of promise,s and shit, but........hhhmmmmmmmmm,all these contradictions, so wot next we wonders, could be fun ya know, could even be great should be, ya knows it too,

anyways as we bluster towards yet another weeken, and this one is gonna be a wet one?? wot else has been ,appenin in the wonderful world of security......loads really, loads and loads an loads, am i gonna tell ye, feck off ya nosey sod, maybe,s teel yez later;

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Clare said...

You have a wild life.

If I translated that right, I take it that Thursday you drink a bit much, call a woman that doesn't seem to mind you calling her drunk....and you repeat this task every Thursday?
That actually does sound like a fun way to vent frustrations.

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