so okey dokey ya bunch of gay lickers!!!!those feck ugly cnuts from mayo won, freakin bleach blonde hillbilly fuckwits that they are, so it was a great game, i could give a toss, never did say that i was a good sport, one bleedin point.arrrrrrrrrggggg, the summer of sam draws to a close for the DUBS once again,, ah well bollox to it, shite game anyway,it all started jolly enough, a spot of lunch, a glass of chardonnay which turned into six bottles :), then it was off to the pub which is the main reason i,m sittin here with a head like a melted welly, weekend started sort of well enough,hahahaha yea right, one member of staff went awol, not a dickie bird bouts wether they were gonna show up or not, had one geezer travelling in fom wicklow or somee place, had no idea when or how he would get here, the geezer who had went awol for a cuppla days, tellin some bollox about how his mother was ill had gone on a bender for 3days finally turns up, the bloke from wicklow gets sent back home, still got some other bloke in hospital, this bloke had a wee heart murmur or somthin, scared the shit outta everybody, then some ass turns up late friday night with a high value cargo that he insists has to be off loaded and for some reason bugger knows why i end up in the wrong again hmmmmmmmm :( , cant say this time round i care too much, manage to organise all the wee things at work without much hassle, but attempts at anythin else seem to go awry so feckin easy and wit monotonous regularity, this morn we,ve got the usual crap goin on, alarm activations, sprinkler system coming on , facilities guy is not on site, tons of new staff wandering about lost,sleeps in , well nearly could not be arsed gettin outta bed this mornin, meant to have an easy weekend of it for a change, that never happened, did spend most of saturday in bed drunk!!!!! seriously, feckin hell, wot was i thinking of, had nuthin to do with anything other than i seem to have feck all else to do wit meself apart from work and goin to the pub, feck feck feck,more later mibbe...............

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