well some more stuff. i,m sittin here in a self - induced coma, feckin eejit that i am, ye would not believe that alcohol count since thursday night, jeez wot a feckin nutjob, in fact i think it was the whole of last week, utter nutter that i is, well anyways the count since thursday = 2bts whisky, 6 bottles vino( i did have some help with the vino)bout six cans carlsberg, acouple of visits to the pub-sat, sun, jings crivvens help ma boab, wtf is that all about, surely i dont need booze that much, sittin here havin a wee freak as well, the spiders havn,t turned up this time thank feck, but christ i,m in a bit of a state,i know no sympathy for you my boy, dipso, hah, me , anyhoo all the other stuff i put off doin at the weeken, like shoppin, washin, cookin , cleanin, still got to be done, i think its bout time for me to CUT OUT THE DRINK FOR A GOOD WHILE, march was the last time i did that, felt all the better for it, even looked better, i know thats probably quite a hard one to believe, have to take a wee trip home to visit me mammy,had a strange coversation with some folks back home on saturday as well, this was done while sittin drunk in me bed wotchin dvd,s, feck thats the rain on now, couls some one go and get my washing in please, fecker that it is,

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