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hello ya bollox

...you are a total ****l.........

So howzit goin once again. loads and loads of guff on the net this mornin, well mainly bout itself, would have stuck in the links but i cant be arsed, must be really happening when al ye got to do is comment bout yersell, old pissy pants-link on the left some where figure it yerself, has taken to offering advice to irish bloggers-heh good one,try livin in ireland senor, try writing political commetary, well OK mary harney is a humongous fat cnut, bertie is a big boozer, the other mary is a complete freakin tramp, so ye wonder why the economy is completely knacked, why there is such a waiting list for hospital beds and there,s major probs with the housin market, but how many times can ye say it and wot bleedin difference is it goin to make, as for bloggers bein held in low esteem, well go figure, borin bastards, other crap digital tribes???????????????? aye very good,we now have all been designated a key code depending on our postal address, well in the uk,feck, accordin to me postal address back ome i,m an an A, which means i,m a complete numpty and still use windows74 or will do so until the valves go, where do they get this shit from, go look it up yerself

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