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wots the bleedin story

...not alot as per ush but wot the feck d,ye expect i,m a security guardfor fecks sake.........

So i,m back again
wots been happenin wit you,just back from a week in exile!!!exiled in main street, well abbey street to be exact, if ye seen some geezer swishing and gadding about avioding bleedin trams all last week it was probably me, feck wot a pisser of a week that was, me got caught misbehavin so as a bit of punishment i got sent inta town, bleedin bollox, didnt make much of difference to my demeanour still the same sick twisted and rude geezer that i always is just a wee bit slightly more tanned these days, town can be a bit of a gas to work in, was kept busy enough, none of the poncing around that this job entails, pretendin i,m actually doin or achievin owt, not a lot else goin on :( things are just as fucked as they ever where,some folks just cant help bein a bleedin bollox

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