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howzit goin, yet another strange day at the office begins, maybe i should blog after the shift is over when i can still remember stuff from the workin day instead of tryin to refresh the memory the next mornin, but i,ll be honest bloggin stuff on a regular basis is becomin a pain in the hoop, nuthin spectacular las nite especially liverpool, bleedin woeful so they were, wot the hell were they tatics about, some of the new signings looked kinda good, hypia looked bleedin ancient, playin with no guy in the middle of the park seems to be a real dumb ass idea considerin yer playin with two wide men, who the feck are they supposed to be playin to, in the end they managed to scrape a 2-1 win, but the return leg in 2weeks is hardly a foregone conclusion, it was made a wee bit easdier to take by some young french/moroccan bird flouncing bout the room, very easy to look at. tall, dark, freezin her butt off in the irish summer, unlikes some other folks at the mo who seem to have lost their mind completely, now you just aint thinkin at all, that just is the ugliest notion i,ve heard in a long time, jeez fuckin puke,
anyhoo the other geezers did decide to take time off from twangin their freakin banjo,s, for fecks sake get a grip, or a freakin rehearsal room, like in swords or somewhere, but there is one thing i can say about u2 songs, which are played repetitiously, shove em upo yer nat king cole, jeezuz guys,

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