So wots the story, all the usual suspects hav been yammering on again over the ether, the whores, bores an D4,s spoutin the usual well punctuated shite, all ye can say to them at time is my hairy feckin hole, nanny state,nanny state my arse, where,s me hospital bed ya bollox ye, or should that be where does be me hostible bed, where,s me prescription ya bollox, little jacintas cough do be gettin worse nearly hads ta call for an ambliance, i,s been stoods here waitin for the past hour like a big tick waitin on a bleedin boos,its like bleedin mmorder tryin ta gets jacinta and brittany inta a bleedin schooll these days, no place for religous education they sez, tell ya wot. nah cum ,ere ta me, if more of yeas went ta the christian brothers for yar educashun ye would know the value of a good battering, ye wouldn,t be so quick ta jump inta a fight even if ye cant handle yer gargle, discipline is wots missin, a good dose of discipline with a big feckin stick,:)
anyways wots this shoit bout 24hr tescos,foik off will ya.24hrs me arse, ye has ta runs every thin thru the check out yer self, bag it as well, puts yer money in, feck, las time i was in one some cheeky bugger does be aksing me would i gi him a hand stacking the shelves, foik off, why donts i shove a brush up me arse and do the floor at the same time, and the price of the bloomin thing ta, i,s called the manager over, here maciej wots the bleedin story, dont i gets staff discount, i,ve been on the bleedin till for the last hour, an anudder ting,mars bars at 4 in the mornin, wots tha about, is it a new religon, are you one of the faithful or wot,

anyhoo yet another weekend to look forward to, ho de hum, nots a lot to do in blanch except drink, could go inta town and do it there, pay a bleedin fortune for the opportunity as well. bollox to that notoin, has to get summit dome with the washing machine, hmmmmmm what bollox all these really naff domesticated thingies are gettin, fridge freezer to be de-frosted, ta get stuff for the dishwasher, ye know the stuffs ye put innnit, i thought all ye put in it was dirty dishs, feck its been full for a fortnight know, havin to eat outta the dogs dish, it wasnt too pleased bout that initialy but swift kick in the scrot soon sorted that out, here,s a another feckin silly thing i,ve been asked lately, barry how do ya make fried rice......... ye dont mates, ye buys it, nutjob

anyways i,ve been a total revelation round the orifice ta day, uppdated loads a shit so i did, the swipe card system, the bleedin fone list, loads of new bleedin forms ta be filled out, then e/mailed to someones spam folder, yea productivity, still got a couple hours to do before i can gets home, tink i,ll go and do some security stuff now :) bye.

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