its still rainin

so wots the story wit ya
s,pose ye got outta bed sunday morn to wotch the boxin, like feck i did, i was just gettin in, so turns the telly on afores goin ta beddie byes,not a real anti climax or owt, justa fight of sorts, some twenty foot mongolian geezer versus some peely wally lookin geezer from Dublin, ye could never tell, its been in the paper for bouts three daays fore the fight and is sdue to drag on for the next fortnight or so,
three feckin medals, jings, wot a complete unfit and non-competitive nation this is, hah.you,ll never beat the Irish...well excuse but every other fucker just did........wtf is rong wit ya.wakey wakey, all three medals are in the losing side, silver and bronze, shit even the bloke who loses like the semis gets a medal, i mean ye get the crap beat outta ya and they still gives ye a medal, wot does it say on it chump or wot, as for the geezer who proudly announces i,m the best light heavy on the planet, well comin second sorta kiklls that one, as for wtf is a light heavy anyhoo, normally ye would say that these folks normally couldn,t get them selves arrested but lookin at the skangers i tink its only time before they will be,
meanwhile Sligo Rovers are lookin for loadsa money and Cork City lookin for a new buyer, shamrock rovers still lokkin for somewhere ta play,sport really is in a bad way in this country, especially sport for ordinary joe punter, to buggery with the rugby gaa and wot have ye, folks wotch bleedin football and wot with monday being that infamous no news day wot else hav ye,s got to yabber on about, sport just aint supported in dis country, ye dont really consider the gaa sport do ya, they would be outlawed in any other european country the crap they come away with, subsidised to the hilt they are this orgainisation who are just outta steps with modern day ireland,.so the returning medallists will be givin some sorta big welcome home tuesday, hopes ye dont need to be travelling to or from work at the time,
the equestrian team are in the kakk once again apparently the horses were out all night the day before the big event givin it big licks gettin their piccies takin sittin in dentist chairs gettin wired and photographed at 3 in the mornin crawlin outta danni minougues knickers, yet again, feck,and here,s one thats hard to be believe , not a single medal in the shootin, feck d,ye believe that, so wots we needs to be doin is breedin wit all these new comers to da country, there big east european wimmin and folks from africa and where have you that have been settling in da country over the past few years, if nuthin else the shaggin could be a bit of fun, lets get down to breedin a new super race, it might not be in time for the London Games, amd maybe the one after that, and maybe the one after that as well, but some day boy, and no fucker will be sayin, Im from Cork Boy :)

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