Photobucketwell part one is complete, hav managed to get the washing machine on, done the dishes, you bastards, leavin everythin at yiur arse as per ush, even managed a quick crap, heh, good an all it was, thats weight of me mind, time ta change the bed, m,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, take da sheets off, stand them up gainst the wall and hit them a crack wit a baseball bat, changing duvet covers is like an all in wrestling match, feck shoulda had a tag team partner for this one, anyhoo onwards and upwards and if the neighbours bleedin cat sticks its nose round the door its gonna geta kick up the hole, bleedin nuisance that it is, now where do ye plug the hoover in, feck that sounds like a french pop song from the 60,s. ma wife has left me and i,ve nowhere to plug in me ,oover, fromage:(

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