Image hosting by Photobucketit,s one of those wee thingies that tell ye stuff bout whats ,appenen, right now or somethi along those line, search trends, popular links to yar website, blog, myspace whatever, kinda cool at times other times really worrying - top search,s which bring you to ma blog seem to be - starting from 2 doonwards :)

2 - bebo - ? no idea why didn,t write anything informative about it, no suprise there then,

3 - ronaldo - fat bastard, this includes c. ronaldo of Man U, hmmmmmm, goin thru a big unpopularity phase at the mo, never mind think of all that money, the other geezer is the brazilian chappie who looks like a squirrell

4 - ist boner, jeez, why are peeps searchin for this, this was a link i stuck for a swf film, it,s quite funny really,

the rest seem to be just aimless clicks the search terms a wee bit vague, the top place is bookmarks, which i dont really believe, it accounts for over 60% OF THE HITS ON THIS BLOG, you could get quite worried about that with thr fact i,m only gettin bout 4 hits a bleedin day, oooooooooo i,ve got a stalker, but what the hey :)

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