anyhoo managed to get me fone back, thankfully. not just fone numbers that was in the thing, gee, a damn silly thing to do, loads of alarm codes, passwords for one thing or another, must have had nearly all the alarm codes for the factories in north dublin innit, stupid bollox,plus a load of personal stuff, like visa numbers, bank account details, normally i wouldn,t loose me bleedin fone, gah, just a bit on the clumsy side, the thing aint workin too well now, think it,s time ta upgrade or something, went and caught a cold of some sort, just what i dont need at the moment, achin everywhere,cant afford to take the time off as well, too bleedin short staffed again,tons of stuff to catch up on as well that i meant ta do at the weekend, washin and the like, well who the feck d,ye think does me stuff

anyhoo loads of guff still goin on but me head is way to wrecked for me ta give a bollox :) at least it,s something, saves me from becoming bitter,yea right,

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Anya said...

Hahaha....you've been busy..as usual.

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